Ben’s daughters turned their house into a roller skating restaurant

Aucklanders are 50 days into lockdown, which means a lot of Kiwis haven’t been able to indulge in some of the luxuries of life, like going travelling or even dining out at a nice restaurant. 

Over the weekend Ben’s daughters Sienna and Indie decided they wanted to put on a hotel and restaurant experience for him and his wife Amanda - and as it’s school holidays they thought why not?!

They went all out for the experience, even packing their bags to go outside and come back into their "hotel".

However, what Ben and Amanda didn’t realise is that their daughters were planning on doing everything wearing roller-skates.

"In theory, not a good idea," Ben said, "It was really nerve-racking having them serve food, prepare food [in roller stakes] … This is just a bad business model."

The potential for ACC claims instantly went through the roof!

But were there any injuries? Listen above to find out.

In another attempt to help bust school holidays and lockdown boredom, Ben also let his kids cut his hair in any style they liked ... so of course, they went for a classic mullet ...

Looks good Ben!

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