Boys from viral 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video all grown up, chat to Jono and Ben

It has become one of the most viral videos on the internet since it was first uploaded 13 years ago.

Now all grown up, the stars of the adorable and hilarious Charlie Bit My Finger video, Charlie and Harry, caught up via Zoom with Jono and Ben to talk about where their viral success has taken them – and they even recreate the hilarious moment that earned them more than 875 million views.

The UK siblings also revealed to Jono and Ben that royalties from the video have actually helped put them and their siblings through school. How amazing is that?!

The video – showing a then three-year-old Harry being bitten by his baby brother Charlie - was recorded by their father who wanted to share the cute clip with friends and family, but because the video file was too big to send in an email he ended up uploaded it to YouTube … and the rest is history!

Watch Jono and Ben's interview with Charlie and Harry above and check out the original Charlie Bit My Finger video below:

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