Ed Sheeran opens up about 'Bad Habits', Elton John and what he thinks of Jacinda Ardern

The one and only Ed Sheeran dropped his brand new song and to celebrate he caught up with Jono and Ben of all people, where he opened up about Bad Habits, going viral online with Elton John and what he thinks about New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The British singer explained that the release of his latest track has been a mix of nerves and excitement – comparing the wait for the song to be unleashed on the world like the moments before a school exam.


He also noted that while he’s never wanted to change a lyric, musically he says he often wants to switch things up on his songs.

"Even now, probably like a week ago we were still tinkering with Bad Habits," Ed admitted.

While Jono and Ben had him on the line, they passed on a message Jacinda Ardern – and enquired on if he might want to perform at her wedding to Clarke Gayford.

“You know what? I think that she is the best human being on earth,” Ed gushed about the Kiwi PM.

Ed Sheeran thinks Jacinda Ardern is the "best human being on earth" 

“I know politics is politics and people in New Zealand will have differences of opinion, but here in England she is seen as just … it! We love her. I love her.”

“I would make myself available, if I was free, to play her wedding,” Ed offered.  “I think she’s brilliant, I think she’s what you need in a leader.”

“New Zealand should be really proud, I mean, the whole world has looked at New Zealand and been like these guys have got it right.”

Later in the interview, Ed told the hilarious story behind performing an iconic Friends moment with star Courteney Cox and music legend Elton John.

While staying at Courteney Cox’s house in America, Ed invited Elton to come over for dinner and then proceeded to convince him to do the video clip, despite the fact that the singer had never actually watched the 90s sitcom and didn’t quite get the reference.

How Ed Sheeran ended up singing with Friends star Courteney Cox and Elton John

"I was like, but trust me, this will blow up on the internet," Ed said revealing what he told Elton.

"He’s really into things that go viral, so we did it and it was super."

Jono and Ben also played a hilarious prank entering Ed into a karaoke competition … see how he got on singing a rendition of Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran enters a Kiwi karaoke competition

What a great sport Ed is! 

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