Guy Sebastian gives Jono and Ben a tour of his house, talks writing songs for his new album

Guy Sebastian caught up with Jono and Ben to talk about his brand new album T.R.U.T.H  - out this week.

But before they got into talking about the Aussie star’s music, Guy gave the boys an impromptu tour of his house, which not only features a bar, but his very own recording studio which he used to help create his new record!

How cool is that?! 

"I just never get used to being in this house," Guy admitted of the home which took five years to build. "We did not grow up like this, so every single day we can't believe we're in a nice new house."

Guy also opened up about some of the highs and lows he’s had to face recently and how they changed the way he went about writing this album.

"I've had these massive highs and real weird lows to deal with, so I guess the album, it shows that," Guy said. "There's a lot of emotion, and a lot of joyous songs."

He also touched on why his wife, Jules might not find the love songs he’s written about her as romantic as we’d think.

"Jules has probably heard the song a million times before it gets released because I'm playing it for her and going 'what do you think?'"


Watch Guy’s full interview with Jono and Ben above and check out his new album T.R.U.T.H. is out on Friday, October 16.

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