Jono and Ben deliver Christmas surprise for brave 8-year-old Kiwi in Ronald McDonald House

Jono and Ben are helping bring the magic of Christmas to New Zealanders.

Because 2020 has been a really tough year Santa wanted all Kiwi kids to know that nothing stops Christmas! So he enlisted Jono and Ben’s help ... 

Jono and Ben teamed up with and organised time in the diary with Santa, and surprise a very brave young Kiwi.

Eight-year-old Antonio – who is currently staying at Ronald McDonald House in Auckland while he undergoes treatment for a brain tumour – not only got to talk with Father Christmas himself, via Zoom but also received an unexpected visit from Santa’s little helpers Jono and Ben, who delivered some early Christmas presents!

Tauranga mum Maringirangi explained that before going to the Ronald McDonald House her son suffered from unbearable headaches, but thankfully he is now receiving treatment.

"Everything he’s going through he just doesn’t really mind, he’s just so glad that [the pain] is gone," Maringirangi said of her son’s bravery.

We hope Antonio has the best Christmas and enjoys his new dinosaur toys Santa!

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