Jono and Ben deliver special Christmas surprise for brave 5-year-old Kiwi

Jono and Ben are helping bring the magic of Christmas to New Zealanders.

Because 2020 has been a really tough year Santa wanted all Kiwi kids to know that nothing stops Christmas! And so he enlisted Jono and Ben’s help ... 

Jono and Ben have teamed up with and organised time in the diary with Santa, and surprise a brave five-year-old Kiwi, Vivian, and her siblings Emmett, age five and seven-year-old Ruby!

Not only did they get to talk with the Father Christmas himself, via Zoom – but they also got an unexpected visit from Santa’s little helpers: Jono and Ben, who delivered an early Christmas presents!

Vivian's mother Trish also revealed to Jono and Ben that 2020 has been an extra tough year for their family after they discovered during the level four lockdown that Vivian had stage two cancer.

"It was really hard not having the family support with [the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions]. We couldn't have anyone," Trish explained.

"It was just me and her backwards and forwards from the hospital."

However, after six months of chemotherapy, they finally got some good news, Vivian is cancer-free!

"We were only just told on the 30th of November that she is cancer-free!"

What an amazing Christmas gift! 

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