December 01 - Matt Brown, The Waiting Game At A Wedding, Our Countdown To Christmas

Hellooooo! If you haven't seen or heard yet, an adorable little 5 year old boy from Christchurch, Angelou Brown, sent out a video to Dwayne The Rock Johnson as part of a campaign his family have been working on to end domestic violence. Angelou wanted The Rock to wear the tshirts they've had made that say "She Is Not Your Rehab" to spread this message to all his followers and fans. WELL, The Rock reposted Angelou's video last night with a beautiful message, and we chatted to Matt Brown (Angelou's dad) about this movement and The Rock's involvement. It's a very sweet and important story and a wonderful chat with Matt. On a slightly different note, Jono's daughter Poppy has a little obsession with insects. Once she wanted Jono to help her find a snail at 9.30pm, and now she's wanting him to help her build a worm farm. The issue is Jono has to find the worms and it's really not a task he's keen to do! We also caught up with professional competitive eater Nela Zisser who set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to eat the most chicken nuggets. And Ben surprised Jono with his least favourite food EVER, and Jono had to eat it! All that and a whole lot more today!