December 07 - Doggy Dan, Big News Small Town, Do Different Coloured M&M's Taste Different?

Hello and happy Monday, 18 days until Christmas! If you know us, you'll know we love a good pun. And Ben's daughter Indie REALLY made him proud when she told a great punny joke, one that made Ben question whether she stole it from the internet. We also crossed to some Big News from a Small Town - Dylan from Rangiora received a very passive-aggressive note in his mailbox telling him to mow his berm because it looked ugly compared to the neighbours... He read us the letter and Jono had some assumptions about who wrote it! Doggy Dan also came on the show to answer your dog-related questions. He was probably a dog in a past life because that's how much he knows about dogs! Finally, former All Black Carlos Spencer joined us to talk about his new TV show - Carlos' Reno Rescue. Enjoy!