December 11 - Jordie Barrett, Ben Needs Your Help Choosing Amanda's Present, Who's Having The Best Weekend?

If you've listened to us quite a lot since we started at The Hits you'll know that Ben once made a big mistake with a gift he once gave his wife Amanda. A frying pan. IT WAS MEANT TO BE A ROMANTIC GIFT. She has never let him live it down. So we wanted some solutions on what Ben could get Amanda for Christmas and we had some hilarious (and practical) ideas! We also had All Black Jordie Barrett on the phone and there's a little kid who's a huge fan of him, so we surprised him with a phone call with Jordie, it was adorable. We also played Stealing Santa with The Hits team and it was a lot of fun because we ruthlessly stole all of producer Juliet's presents. Enjoy the poddy & enjoy your weekend, today was a fun one!