December 16 - Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, 2020 In Review, Our Show Christmas Song

Hello and welcome to 9 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! To pull back the curtain a bit, all year we've been trying to get Dr Ashley Bloomfield on the show to chat about his very intense year. We probably asked him/his people every two weeks! And FINALLY he had a spare moment to chat with us. The greatest Kiwi of 2020! So he joins us, as well as the winner of our TV show Dog Almighty. If you haven't watched it, we'll try to not spoil it for you in this blurb 😉 Jono also got stitched up by a charity worker outside his house, and Millenial Max moved house but it was possibly the shortest distance in the world, and we wanted to see if anyone could beat him! Enjoy the poddy!