February 02 - Art Green, Your 10 Second Talents, What Significant Dates Have You Forgotten?

Kia ora! Today we were joined by Bachelorette host Art Green after the debut of The Bachelorette NZ season 2, which was on TVNZ 2 last night (and again tonight at 7.30pm). We revisited some old moments from his season as The Bachelor, what a throwback! Also, if you watched the Bachelorette, you'll know the many ways the men try to impress Lexie. Basketballs, songs, drawings etc! So we wanted to see whether you guys had any special talents that you could impress us with. It was the 10 Second Talent Line! And my word IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! You guys have some mighty fine party tricks. Finally, Ben's wife absolutely humiliated and roasted Jono in the middle of a busy intersection... classic!