February 03 - Jono Proves He's A 'Grade A' Punisher, Once Again

On today's show, we absolutely roasted Jono for something he did while on holiday. It's one of those things the majority of the population would avoid at all costs, but alas, Mr Jono Pryor, he's a bit different! We also discussed the fact that Jono has been donating to an endangered panda charity for years, and the DIFFICULTY to cancel those sorts of automatic payments is unreal! It seems you have to go through a 538-step process! So we asked you guys what you're still paying for, or what you're still subscribed to. And dear lord, we clearly need to sort our finances! Finally, Ben's wife Amanda loves shopping, but it seems that whenever Ben asks her how much it costs, she dodges the question in the slickest way... Genius! Enjoy.