FULL: Ben's 9-Year-Old Is Not Happy With Jono After He Stitched Her Up On-Air!

Publish Date
Friday, 9 July 2021, 8:04PM

Gday! If you listened to our podcast a couple of days ago, you would've heard the bit where we had Ben's daughter Indie on, and Jono was trying to convince her to swear. Little did Indie know (until she heard about it later), that Jono stitched her up when we played it to air, and put beeps throughout it to make it sound like she swore... Ben played this audio to Indie and she was SHOCKED! We were also joined by David Harbour who plays the Red Guardian in Marvel's Black Widow, also Chief Hooper in Stranger Things! He's also married to Lily Allen and he told us all about their wedding in Vegas & their reception at In-N-Out Burger! Enjoy the show.