FULL: We Spoke To A Man Who Watches 2 Movies A DAY (& Has Seen Over 5000 In His Lifetime!)

Publish Date
Tuesday, 10 August 2021, 4:42PM

This was VERY INTERESTING! We spoke to a lovely man we recently met, Doug, who is the biggest movie buff we've ever come across. He's seen so many movies in his lifetime, spends weekends doing movie marathons, spends his evenings with his movie-critic wife watching different films, ALL while managing a normal job, too. So we put him to the test and got you guys to call up to see if you could stump Doug, by describing a movie plot and he had to guess the title. We also played another game of Olympic Rings, where we call people and see if they pick up within 5 rings. Today we did it with Olympians Caitlin Regal & David Liti! Finally, we delved into what Ben is nervous about today, considering he's a very nervy human being! Enjoy the show.