FULL: What Happens When A Child Projectile Vomits All Over The Dancefloor Of A Wedding?

Publish Date
Thursday, 5 August 2021, 1:31PM

Kia Ora! Firstly we'd just like to say a big RIP to Bernardino. Thank you for all the memories, most of which we can't remember. To pay respects to Bernardino, we got the tributes flowing in of all your wonderful (or not so wonderful) memories with the fine wine. On today's show we also hunted down our most talented listener; there was one guy who can make cricket and bird noises from his mouth, VERY REALISTIC. Send that off to the animal noise awards! Finally, we chatted about what it's like to have kids at a wedding. And by the title of this podcast, you can probably guess what happened to one listener. Enjoy!