FULL: What's Ben Nervous About Today? Too Many People On A Zoom Meeting...

Publish Date
Tuesday, 24 August 2021, 11:42AM

Kia ora whānau! On today's show, we delved into the one thing that Ben is nervous about today. There are many things. Ohhhhh so many things that our Ben Boyce is nervous about today. But we made him choose just one. And it was when there are too many people on Zoom, to the point where it stresses him out and he leaves the meeting! Is this justifiable!? We also caught up with Anna Grimaldi, a Paralympian in long jump, who won Gold last Olympics. The Paralympics begin tomorrow in Tokyo and she's competing again, HOPEFULLY SHE BRINGS ANOTHER GOLD HOME! We also caught up with Viv from "Girls Get Off"... Finally... after Ben's embarrassing moment in a group chat. Enjoy the poddy!