FULL: When You Get A Call From Your Husband's Girlfriend While She's Giving Birth To His Baby... WOW.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2021, 1:04PM

Today was OH WOW WEDNESDAY, where we encourage you guys to call up and make us go WOW. It could be a talent you've got, or a story that happened to you that we won't believe. We had Judy on who told the most insane story about her cheating husband's girlfriend giving birth. Crazy. Today on the show we also caught up with Jacinda Ardern - does her daughter Neve know what she does for a living? The answer may surprise you! Not only did we have the Prime Minister of the nation on, but we also had the mother of the nation, Hilary Barry! She's got a new TV show called Give Us A Clue on TVNZ1 with Paula Bennett and Tom Sainsbury. Enjoy, today's a good one!