January 29 - A Champagne Shortage, Elemeno P, What Has Your Partner Never Done?

Happy Friday! We've got some new parody songs... Yes, sorry if they hurt your ears. Ben presented one called "Moley" from Justin Bieber's song "Holy", and Jono presented "Procrastinating" from Dua Lipa's "Levitating". You be the judge as to whether they're any good! Also, during the school holidays, Ben's daughters have been experimenting with their potential future careers; specifically, newsreaders. And Ben had a very important job in helping them practise! It is also Laura McGoldrick's (from the 3PM Pick Up) last day at The Hits for the next wee while, she's off to have her second baby! So we sent Millennial Max to her house to give her some gifts from us. Not sure she was too impressed with our gifts... whoops! Finally, we had classic Kiwi band Elemeno P in the studio to chat about their upcoming summer tour.