July 30 - News In Beeps, Reception Reception, What Was Your 'Oh Oh' Moment?

Mooooorning! Or afternoon or evening... whenever you're listening. So we towed Mike Hosking's car yesterday and then realised we don't have a set of keys to use his car... whoops. We called him and verrryyyy politely asked if he could give them to us. Fair to say if he didn't think we were idiots before, he does now. Reception reception made a comeback and we called a lovely lady whose name also happens to be Lovely! Finally, what was your "uh oh..." moment? If you missed yesterday's podcast, comedian Paul Ego told a hilarious story about how he accidentally swallowed a dental instrument. That was his biggest "uh oh" moment and we had some bloody great callers who shared theirs too. Happy Thursdeeeee!