November 03 - Doggy Dan, Jono Pranked Ben Hard, How Did You Woo Your Partner?

Today was an absolute ripper. Jono pulled possibly the greatest prank on Ben today with the help of the whole team behind the scenes. Days of planning, money spent and secret meetings were what it took to pull it off. And we did, we HOOK LINE AND SINKERED Benjamin Ross Boyce! It's first up on the podcast so you won't miss it. We also had Doggy Dan from Dog Almighty on the show to answer questions you may have about trying to train your dogs or fix any issues going on - he literally knows everything about dogs! Finally, it came out that the way Prince William "wooed" Kate Middleton was by cooking her spaghetti bolognese... The most basic dish in the history of basic dishes. So we threw it out there and heard some of your stories about the weird ways you wooed your partner!