November 05 - Disappointing Dates, Shower Curtains, An American Election Overview

The US election is a TIGHT RACE! We caught up again with Jack Tame to get the latest on the vibe, especially because as we all went to sleep last night it seemed that Trump was going to win, but as we were waking up, Biden was more in the lead! WOWEE! Ben also shared a story about how he had a very lame date night with his wife Amanda, but it was self-inflicted *good one Ben...* and we had some hilarious calls about dates gone wrong. Finally, Jono was after a bit of praise because he reckons he's an absolute hero. A godsend. The greatest thing to grace this earth. And we gave it to him (sort of) because of his "heroic" story! Enjoy the poddy, it's a goodie!