November 06 - Paul Henry, Jono's Worst Of The Week, What Did You Find In Your Backyard?

Today we chatted to Michelle Dickinson who you may know as Nanogirl, she's a scientist but we talked to her about when she MET Joe Biden! He was in the country in 2016 and she was lucky enough to hang out with him & his family, and she dished all the goss! We also wanted to know the bizarre things that turned up in your backyard and my lord we got some weird stories. Paul Henry joined us to talk about his new wine (and how he felt when Ben's wife Amanda took a bottle to a BYO!) and his new book that's out. And do you remember Keith and Sally from a while ago? They're an adorable couple from Kerikeri, and Keith spends a lot of his time picking up rubbish around town, by choice! (Bless.) We talked to them a few months ago and now Keith has been nominated for our "Good Bugger" award. We always love talking to them! Enjoy the podcast & have a great weekend!