November 11 - Guy Williams, Jono's Impulse Purchase, What's The Show Joke?

So we've spent the most part of our lives being on TV and radio, but when people ask us to tell us a joke we can never think of one. Jono always reverts back to one that's EXTREMELY dated and not very family friendly...! So we went on the hunt for the best joke and my lord there were some goodies. We even got Guy Williams on to judge the best ones! Jono also bought something for his house that he thought would be very useful and that his wife would appreciate. Alas, she doesn't like it! Have a listen to find out what it is and if you'd like it in your house. And Ben told us a story about how on his wedding day, his wife did something that made him think she didn't want to marry him. Which STRESSED. HIM. OUT. Enjoy!