November 23 - David Williams, The News In Beeps, What Were You Roped Into Doing?

Hello and welcome to Monday! Today we had a great interview with David Walliams. He's a comedian, children's author (they say the new Roald Dahl! Our kids loooove his books) and also a judge on Britain's Got Talent. He's a hilarious man and spilt some secrets about Simon Cowell! Also over the weekend, NZ's oldest mum gave birth at age 64 which is awesome. We also had an interview with Cristin Milioti - she plays Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in The Wolf of Wall Street, she's the mother in How I Met Your Mother, and is now in a new film with Andy Samberg. But we played a bit of a joke on Jono during the interview! Finally, Ben was left to keep an eye on his friend's child when they were out and about, but as you would expect it went a bit wrong and the kid went AWOL!