November 25 - The Wild Twins, NZ's Most Organised Christmas Shoppers, Big News Small Town

How would you feel being in the ocean, trying to catch your own fish for dinner, surrounded by hungry sharks who are also after the same fish? And on top of that, being naked and being filmed for a TV show? Horrifying, we know. The Wild Twins Amber and Serena are two Kiwis who have once featured on a previous edition of Naked and Afraid (set in Africa where they had to hunt their own food, while constantly being preyed on by big African cats...), and now they're on Naked and Afraid of Sharks! It was super interesting chatting to them about how they fought off the sharks and what the biggest challenges were. Was it being naked on TV or trying to survive in shark-infested waters? Jono also shared a funny story about his daughter Poppy who got a bit confused when referring to the male anatomy... On top of this, Ben's kids started a wild rumour about him and the types of movies he's watching. Shark content, kid content, ALL THE CONTENT for you on this fine Wednesday!