November 26 - Jono's Dream Job, Six60, Is It Ok To Call Your Partner 'Mate'?

Pulling back the curtain a bit, off-air (as well as on-air) Jono calls everyone "mate". And it's become such a habit that sometimes he calls his wife, Jen, "mate" too. But Jen haaaaates it. And we wanted to figure out if all women hate being called mate by their partner, or if it's just a general term that can be happily thrown around! (We even called Jen to see how many "mates" Jono could slip in before getting told off...) Two of the boys from Six60, lead singer Matiu Walters and guitarist Chris Mac, also came in for a chat and we pitched a couple more movie ideas to them. Finally, we created a parody song of the ever-popular Savage Love song by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685, but changed it to MARRIAGE LOVE! We're terrible singers so we enlisted the help of two wonderful singers you may know the names of...!