November 27 - The Wiggles, Car Park Etiquette, Ben's Awkward Accountant Moment

TGIF! No better feeling! On today's show we caught up with Anthony & Emma from The Wiggles ahead of their New Zealand tour next year. We decided to "audition" for The Wiggles and they judged us on whether or not we'd make the cut... Ben also shared an embarrassing situation that his friend was in when he was chatting to his accountant, which is a conversation you certainly don't want to have with your accountant! Jimmy Neesham also joined us, and Ben is desperate to go to the cricket tonight (but he has an important family dinner). So he took the opportunity to phone his wife Amanda and ask her, but she had the added pressure of Jimmy Neesham being there! All that & more, enjoy the pod and enjoy your weekend!