October 16 - PM Jacinda Ardern, Jono's Son Oscar Is Off To High School, We Tried To Make Ben Cry

'Twas a big show today! We were joined by PM Jacinda Ardern, and a couple of cameos made an appearance in the interview - her partner Clarke Gayford and Ben's daughter Sienna (who asked her some hard-hitting questions!) Jacinda wasn't the only MP to join us though, Judith Collins from the National party and James Shaw and Marama Davidson from the Greens also joined us on the show. A VERY POLITICAL SHOW! But with two hosts that can't ask any serious political questions! But in amongst the political banter we gave away some All Blacks tickets (a child had to decide whether they won chocolate and an LOL doll, or All Blacks tickets for their parents, it was tense) and Jono had a situation with a note he left in his son's lunchbox today.