October 23 - Drax Project, Big News Small Town, What Did You Do When You Were Tired?

How GOOD is the feeling going into a long weekend?! Today we caught up with the boys from Drax Project who have a new song out, and Jono showed off a skill we never knew he had! Jono also had a bone to pick with Ben about something he's been doing for a while - he's been USING Jono without him realising! Ellen Degeneres (or Evil Ellen as Jono and producer Juliet like to call her!) has a new haircut, and it looks exactly like her wife Portia's, and we got some calls on what you have matching with your partner. Finally, we played a remix version of the NZ National Anthem before hearing about your weekend plans, and oh, what an array of callers we had! Enjoy this podcast episode and enjoy the long weekend.