October 30 - Chris Parker, Jono's Worst Of The Week, Celebrities You Almost Met

Happy Friday & Halloween eve! Today we went on a shopping spree and paid for a bunch of lovely listeners' online shopping with our company card, which was a great feeling and we think we may do it again next week! So head to our Insta & Facebook pages and let us know what is currently sitting in your shopping cart that you just can't bring yourself to buy, and we may get it for you! We also talked to people about the celebrities they almost met. Harry Styles was recently invited inside a man's house for a cuppa tea after his car broke down outside the house, but turns out the superfan daughter who also lived there wasn't home at the time. Devastating for her, but we had some people phone up with stories about how they almost met a celeb too! Finally, we were joined by comedian Chris Parker who you may know from TV shows like Funny Girls, he featured on our old TV show a bit too, and he's hilarious on social media. Enjoy Friday, enjoy Halloween and enjoy the weekend!