September 24 - Reception Reception, Rhys Darby, Jono's Neighbour Keeps Giving Him Cake

Hello loyal listeners! Today we played Reception Reception but with a bit of a twist. After weeks of Jono leaving embarrassing messages about Ben to random receptionists around the country, Ben finally got his revenge and did it to Jono for the first time. And boy did he get revenge! We also chatted to a lady who hit two holes in one, during ONE round of golf! She gave us inspiration for when we go down to Taupo to try and hit a hole in one, so we can win someone $10K! Jono is also worried because his neighbour keeps gifting him cakes, and he feels bad because he doesn't have any skill or talents that he can return the favour. So if you have any ideas on what Jono can do for his neighbour to say thank you, feel free to DM us on Instagram @thehitsbreakfast! Any and all ideas welcome. Enjoy the poddy!