Kiwi stuntwoman Zoe Bell tells Jono and Ben how her star-studded viral video was created

Kiwi stuntwoman Zoe Bell decided to kick lockdown boredom with a five-minute video featuring pretty much every Hollywood actress you know — and it's already an online sensation.

Margo Robbie, Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis and Rosario Dawson are just some of the Hollywood A-listers who joined Bell for her "Boss B**** Fight Challenge" video.

Zoe - who is s a world-renowned stuntwoman who has worked closely with director Quentin Tarantino on a number of films - caught up with Jono and Ben to talk about how the video came about.

She also delved into how she’s been handling the Covid-19 lockdown from her new home in the USA.

Zoe even showed Jono and Ben how to recreate the video! Check it out:

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- Additional reporting by the NZ Herald