Superstar singer Keith Urban pulls a hilarious prank on air with Jono and Ben

Musician Keith Urban has one of the biggest songs in the world right now, One Too Many which he performs with the one and only Pink!

He joined Jono and Ben on air and they decided to play a hilarious prank on ZM's night show host, Cam Mansell.

They got Keith to call up and request his own song ... but what happens turns out to be absolutely hilarious!

"Hey matie, I was just wondering if you guys take requests?" Urban asked Mansell.

"There's a song by um, what's his name? Pink sings it with him? 'One Too Many' I think it's called?"

"With Keith Urban?" asked Mansell.

"Yeah that guy", replied Urban.

Mansell then had to admit that he didn't think that song was "even in their system".

"Why is the song not in the system?" asked Urban, putting the radio host on the spot.

"Um, I don't have the answer to that," replied a sheepish Mansell.

Urban then offered to sing it himself, if Mansell could sing Pink's part, at which point Mansell asked if Urban "needed him to take the lead".

Watch how it all unfolded above.

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