Art Green reveals the adorable way he is curing pregnant Matilda's morning sickness

Publish Date
Friday, 1 March 2019, 2:00PM

Art Green revealed he’s been making his new wife breakfast in bed every day to help with her morning sickness.

Joining Toni Street and Laura McGoldrick in Queenstown, the newlywed Art and Matilda Green opened up about how they having been faring with the early stages of pregnancy for their "14-week-old peanut".

"I mean, I vomited pretty much every day for the last 6-weeks," Matilda explained. "It’s just part of my morning routine now."

"It sort of hasn’t stuck home for me yet," Art added. "You know, Matty’s tummy’s not that big and I don’t sort of feel anything that she’s going through.

"The only real impact on my life is that Matty’s figured out that if I give her breakfast in bed then it stops her from throwing up."

"It does!" Matilda interjected. "I’m not lying, it helps with the sickness. I have to eat before I even turn so that’s just … It’s just part of it, I need breakfast in bed every day."

"And long may that continue," Laura added.

"I think I’ll need it for the next 6 months … 20 years … the rest of my life," Matilda agreed.

The pregnant Bachelor NZ star – who is also the face of Jockey - explained how she will be doing a pregnancy shoot with underwear brand later down the line.

"[Jockey] were really excited and they were like 'cool that’s awesome, we’ll do a shoot with you when you’re full preggo' … I’m going Khloe Kardashian," Matilda joked.

"So slightly terrifying but kind of exciting as well because it’s like yeah I’m pregnant and pregnant people can wear underwear as well."

We can’t wait to see those snap, and meet their little one later this year!