Do you think Toni's tough love parenting was too harsh?

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 12:00PM

Like all parents, Toni wonders whether she’s doing the best thing for her kids ...

Especially when it comes to the tricky subject of how to discipline them and keep them from turning into "millennial so 'n' so's".

Toni revealed that she and her husband Matt had to put their foot down a bit harder than normal when their youngsters got unruly during a trip to get ice cream.

"I need you to judge me and tell me whether this was overly harsh," she said this morning to Sarah and Sam.

"It was a boiling hot day," she explained, "We decide we're going to make a special trip to get ice cream."

But before they made it to the ice cream shop, they had to make a slight detour so Toni could replace her broken bikini top (another story for another time) and that’s when her two little daughters started to get a bit naughty.

"I could hear Matt getting increasingly incensed with the children to the point where he said 'that’s it! You’re not getting your ice creams'," she continued.

"We got the top of the togs and hopped back into the car and he said to them 'you’re not getting your ice creams guys ... but mum and I are!'

"So we drove to the dairy and I got a double scoop Hokey Pokey, and Matt got himself a double scoop of orange chocolate chip and we carried on our merry way home licking our ice creams as our two children sat without ice creams in the back seat looking on longingly."

But it seems it may have done the trick, as their "reaction was actually remarkable."

"I was expecting tears and tantrums and I turned around and they were both just starring out the window pretending like they didn’t care."

However, Toni is pretty sure that they were "dying on the inside."

Tough love Toni over here!

Do you agree with her tactic? We think it’s kind of genius!

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