Elle Macpherson tells Laura, Sam and Toni how to rock any outfit and embrace 'natural beauty'

Australian supermodel, actress and businesswoman, Elle Macpherson, is in the country for tonight’s New Zealand Fashion Week Gala.

Ahead of the event, Elle caught up with Laura, Sam and Toni to talk about how to look good in anything you wear, natural beauty and how she’s managed to age gracefully.

Elle admits that she still gets a little nervous picking out outfits for big events because she knows she won’t "slip under the radar", however, notes that the key to wearing anything is confidence.

"What I’ve learned over time is really your attitude is everything," she told Laura, Sam and Toni. "So even if you’re wearing something that you’re not 100 per cent comfortable in if you’re at ease within yourself and if you're bright and upbeat and open to people then really in the end what you wear doesn’t really matter.

"People look at your energy … they feel your energy."

Elle also hinted that she wants to wear something by a New Zealand designer for the inaugural Gala tonight.

When it comes to beauty and how she’s managed to age so gracefully over the years, Elle says the key has really been to embrace natural beauty.

"I believe in natural beauty, that’s what I’ve realised," the 55-year-old explained, noting that she’s stayed away from undergoing any "procedures" to her face.

"The most important thing is I start on the inside," she continued. "I start on the inside for everything, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing."

We love it.

Watch Elle’s full interview with Laura, Sam and Toni above.