Former Bachelor stars Jordan Mauger and Zac Franich join Sarah, Sam and Toni's 'Man Panel'

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Friday, 15 June 2018, 1:30PM

Jordan Mauger says he'd choose TVNZ's controversial new reality show Heartbreak Island over filming another season of The Bachelor.

The former reality TV star, who controversially dumped Fleur Verhoeven just hours after she was crowned the winner of season two of The Bachelor NZ, made the admission during an interview with Sarah, Sam and Toni this morning.

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He also called The Bachelor "the worst three months of my life".

Mauger was taking part in a joint interview alongside Zac Franich, another ex-Bachelor, when they were asked which reality show they'd rather be on: Heartbreak Island or The Bachelor.

B2 has tea with B3. . NZ seasons collide.

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Mauger chose Heartbreak Island, TVNZ's reality show which has been criticised for portraying dating as a popularity contest.

"I just wouldn't want to be in that position again where you have to make decisions ... It was shocking," he said. "It's not good."

Mauger said the power imbalance on The Bachelor, which sees multiple women competing for one man, meant you never truly knew if someone was being themselves.

"The good thing about Heartbreak Island is you get to be rejected ... Being able to get rejected opens up this honesty with what they truly feel about you."

Franich disagreed, saying he'd happily head back to The Bachelor for another season.

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"I had a different experience to Jordan, I had a really great time," he said.

Franich spent several months with the winner of his season of The Bachelor, Viarni Bright.

He's now dating TV presenter Erin Simpson.

Jordan and Zac joined Sarah, Sam and Toni's 'Man Panel' to bring awareness to Men's Health Week.

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