How Toni Street crashed her car - she swears it wasn't her fault!

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 July 2018, 2:30PM

Toni Street has been trying out a lot of new cars recently, to decide on what mum-friendly vehicle would be best suited to her once her baby boy arrives.

And it seems getting a new car couldn’t come at a better time, because this week, she crashed hers!

Recounting the awful moment that took place during a commute home, Toni wanted to make it VERY clear that it wasn’t her fault …

"Just as I’m about to go past," Toni explained, "the car that’s turning decides he doesn’t want to turn anymore – and he bashes straight into me.

"To add to the drama there was also a police are whizzing past us and I think that’s what flustered him."

"And so I ride the curb because I can see this guy coming – he’s going to hit me - he smashed into the front of my car, I’ve got streaks of my white car all down the front of his."

Unfortunately - as if things weren’t bad enough - it also happened to be rush hour, so everyone else heading home got a full view of the "embarrassing" scene.

"It’s so embarrassing," Toni continued, "I felt like yelling out [to everyone driving past] 'it was his fault! It wasn't me, everyone! If you recognise me, it wasn’t my fault here!'"

Don't worry, we believe you, Toni!

Toni then jokingly concluded, "… So that was my car crash, I’m lucky to be alive!"