Is this bride bring unreasonable for expecting her parents to pay for the wedding ... without asking them first?

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Monday, 6 August 2018, 1:00PM

Weddings are an exciting thing to plan – but when it comes to who foots the bill, things can get awkward fast.

Figuring out the financial protocol for a modern wedding can be confusing. Should the bride and groom cover everything on their own? Or should the parents stick to traditions and dish out the cash?

Toni Street’s friend has found herself in a tricky spot with this very topic. She was apparently so excited about getting engaged that she went out and started booking everything ...

However, being a young 20-something she doesn’t actually have the money to pay for any of it and is hoping that her parents and her soon-to-be in-laws will chip in – but she hasn’t even asked them yet!

Eek! Is that a recipe for disaster, or what?!

While Sam Wallace thought that it should be up to the couple to pay for everything and that lovebirds should dial down their wedding day expectations if they don’t have the money, Sarah Gandy and Toni agreed that if parents wanted to contribute they should.

Sarah also added that if a couple were hoping for a contribution, they needed to sit down and have an adult conversation before booking anything. Toni warned that couples could also find that paying parents may want to control aspects of the big day.

Callers also shared their point of view on the controversial topic – but what do YOU think?