It seems Kiwis agree with Sam Wallace's intolerance to gluten intolerance - do you?

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018, 9:30AM

As our awareness around food intolerances and allergies grow, so does the amount of people – and children – who have specialised dietary requirements.

And while Sam Wallace doesn’t take issue with those needs, what he does have a gripe with is that now children who are gluten-free often dictate where their parents will go out to eat.

This came to a head when trying to organise a meal out with his friends who had a gluten intolerant toddler.

"It's a three-year-old effectively dictating where we’re going to go for dinner," Sam told his co-host, Laura McGoldrick, saying that parents should bring their own food for their kids if they’re going to a restaurant that won’t cater for their needs.

Usually, during these controversial topics, Sam gets a lot of blowback for his opinions … but not this time!

Caller after caller agreed with Sammy!

Do you?