Kiwi mum opens up to Laura McGoldrick about getting judged for bottle feeding her baby

Being a parent is hard enough, without factoring in getting judged for just trying to do your best.

On Kiwi Hits listener, Pauline opened up to Laura McGoldrick and Estelle Clifford on the 3pm Pick-Up a truly heartbreaking moment she was judged in a new mothers group.

Pauline was condemned by the group for bottle-feeding her baby, but what the people judging her didn’t know is that she was actually receiving chemotherapy and wasn’t able to breastfeed her bundle of joy.

"It was really traumatic," Pauline told Laura and Estelle. "I had a huge complicated life-threatening pregnancy with my last daughter and for six weeks I had to have chemotherapy.”

“I was severely judged by bottled feeding my baby before they even had a chance to find out why  - service to say I didn't go back, I was mortified that somebody would judge me for bottle feeding my baby.

“I was heartbroken, I was like 'I can't do it guys, I'll be poisoning my baby’.”

Pauline revealed that she eventually wrote an email to the leader of the group and said she received a few apologies after that.

But it just goes to show you never know what someone else is going through and that when it comes to parenting if the child is happy, safe and healthy - there should be no judgement.

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