Kiwi woman in hospital with Covid-19 opens up about what she's going through

This morning Laura, Sam and Toni spoke with a Kiwi woman who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Jenene Crossan who has the fast-spreading and potentially deadly coronavirus is currently a patient at Auckland’s North Shore hospital.

She opened up on air about what her symptoms were, when she decided to get tested, how she’s feeling now and what the doctors are telling her in regards to recovery and self-isolation.

Jenene has also been sharing updates on social media and recently shared a harrowing and eye-opening video of her coughing in her hospital bed.

"Got friends who keep going out? This is me most days for most of the day," she wrote on Instagram along with the video. "It’s tiring. I have plenty of oxygen and I will be ok, but it’s not fun. Oh and I wee myself doing it. Yay. FYI I’m in a sealed/ventilated room on my own for 23.5 hours of the day. Help arrives in hazmats. These germs stay with me. Please take it seriously."

Jenene also encouraged Kiwis everywhere to take Covid-19 and social distancing seriously - listen above to hear her full interview.

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