Laura McGoldrick is pregnant with her second child!

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Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 5:48PM
Photo / Photosport

Photo / Photosport

Our very own Laura McGoldrick has revealed some exciting news on air this afternoon.

Laura and her husband Martin Guptill are expecting their second child, due in February.

McGoldrick and Black Caps cricketer Guptill recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary and together already have 2-year-old daughter Harley, who is soon to be a big sister.

Sharing the news live on air, McGoldrick stated that "Guppy and I are having another baby."

And while she's excited that Harley is going to have a sibling, it was also a bittersweet moment for the radio host, as she shared that it hasn't been an easy journey.

"For us, like a lot of couples, it hasn't been as simple as falling pregnant," she said.

"I know a lot of people will hear this on the radio and their hearts will break, because I went through that this year."

McGoldrick revealed that after an easy pregnancy with Harley, she knows now "more than ever how lucky I was and am".

Laura McGoldrick and Martin Guptill are expecting their second child. Photo / Instagram


She shared that she went through a miscarriage last January, "which was like nothing I ever experienced.

"You just really don't know until it happens to you what it's really like."

She and Guptill found out they were pregnant again just as New Zealand was entering the first nationwide lockdown last March.

But complications with the baby led to another loss for the family.

"I still have days where I drive home and cry, and sit in the shower and cry, and sit in the wardrobe and cry," she said.

McGoldrick said the support from her husband and from friends and family was getting her through.

"I am just feeling lots of different things ... I was scared to say this out loud today, but I felt as though I had to tell the whole story."

And she had a message for anyone going through a similar experience.

"You are not alone, do not lose hope."

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McGoldrick said so far she is feeling fine and starting to show at 18 weeks.

"It's hard to hide once you get to a certain point!"

In April 2019, she opened up on air about the pressure she felt to have a second child.

"If I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me if I was 'going to have another baby?', and if I was 'planning to have another baby?', and 'will I do it now?' and 'is it happening soon?' … I'd be a multimillionaire, I swear to god!" McGoldrick said on air.

McGoldrick is set to then reveal the gender of her second child on Friday.