Laura McGoldrick's reaction to Sam Wallace's outrageous labour pain claim is priceless

If looks could kill, Sam Wallace may longer be with us.

Especially after his claims about labour pains seeming "manageable" … Let’s just say that Laura McGoldrick – who is mother to one-year-old daughter Harley - was not impressed.

After attending his first antenatal class, Sam says he’s learnt that giving birth "is not so painful", explaining that the antenatal teacher had told him the average birth was 14 hours.

"The average [birth] is 14 hours for the first pregnancy," he said, "so half of that, you’re getting contractions."

"Now, of that seven hours only half of that is the intense parts of pregnancy – so we can cut that in half again.

"So you’ve got three and a half hours of actual pain … that’s manageable."

Laura’s silent death stare after hearing Sam’s statement perfectly sums up how mothers everywhere would react.

"Sarah is a patient woman," Laura finally said, referring to Sam’s partner.

Oh, Sammy!