Laura, Sam and Toni debate whether recreational cannabis should be legalised in NZ

New Zealanders have been given a first glimpse at what they'll be voting for in next year's cannabis referendum.

The Government today announced the draft Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill, designed to govern the recreational cannabis market should it come into effect.

The legislation specifies a minimum age of 20 to use or purchase a recreational cannabis product.

The draft legislation goes on to prohibit the consumption of cannabis in public spaces, limiting use to private homes and licensed premises.

Individuals will be allowed to carry only 14 grams of dried cannabis in a public space. The 14-gram rule allows applies to the amount of cannabis an individual is allowed to purchase in a day.

Laura, Sam and Toni debated whether cannabis should be legalised in New Zealand and heard from several callers who were both for and against the bill passing.

Watch above to hear what they had to say and vote for yourself below:

- Additional reporting by the NZ Herald