Lorraine Downes opens up about her heartbreak following Martin Crowe's battle with cancer

Publish Date
Monday, 23 April 2018, 4:54PM

Former Miss Universe Lorraine Downes popped by the studio this morning to talk about her new book, 'Life, Loss, Love'.

The book follows her journey of grief after her husband, former New Zealand cricketing star Martin Crowe, lost his battle with cancer in 2016.

She opened up to Sarah, Sam and Laura McGoldrick (who was filling in for Toni) about her heartbreak after his devastating cancer diagnosis - and there was not a dry eye in The Hits office.

Downes said it felt like writing the book was the "right thing to do".

"With everything I went through with Marty, it changed me for life. Life is so short," she explained.

Have some tissues close by for this one!