Matilda Rice and Mark Dye dish on Heartbreak Island ahead of tonight's debut

Publish Date
Monday, 11 June 2018, 1:00PM

Tonight is the night!

Finally, Heartbreak Island will be hitting screens across the country and we will all get to indulge in all the drama, debauchery and depravity it has to offer!

This morning the hosts of the show, former Bachelor NZ star Matilda Rice and Mark Dye caught up with Sarah, Sam and Toni to dish on what we can expect.

"People got together, in a big way," Matilda revealed when asked how scandalous the show gets.

"Was it 600 condoms taken to the island?" Mark added, admitting that less than 20 came back home ... Oh, my!

Even though the show is set to get fairly raunchy and even has it's own uncut episode each Friday, there is still quite a lot of romance to be had.

When asked how Heartbreak Island compares to The Bachelor, Matilda said that while they are "very, very different", the "premise is kind of similar".

"Finding love on TV is the only similarity really. This show is a lot more risque!

"On The Bachelor, you're kind of restricted by the format, whereas this one, they could kind of do what they wanted with it."

"One of the contestants described it the other day as a mix between The Bachelor and The Hunger Games," Mark added, "and I think that kind of describes it quite well."

Heartbreak Island airs tonight, Monday June 11, 7.30pm on TVNZ 2.