Menu dilemma: Who should be responsible for dietary requirements - the host or the guest?

Publish Date
Wednesday, 8 August 2018, 1:30PM

Dietary requirements have become a bit of a modern day dilemma.

With people choosing to be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and beyond it can be hard to know what you’re going to feed everyone if you’re hosting a dinner party or BBQ.

Then on top of that, there are the allergies that you have to be aware of – from nuts to lactose intolerance to people who suffer from celiac disease, it can get overwhelming fast.

It’s not an easy hurdle for people with dietary requirements, but should it be entirely up to them to make sure they have something on the menu, or should hosts be taking their needs into account too?

That’s exactly what Sarah, Sam and Toni asked this morning along with producer Heidi who is vegan. Watch above to hear that they had to say.

What do you think? Should the burden fall on the host or the person with dietary requirements?