Pinterest Picks: Toni and Laura's food hacks for winning in the kitchen!

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Check out this week's top picks:

Toni's Pick: Delicious butterflied prawns

Sometimes, you just want to do something a little special in the kitchen. For me, it was butterflied prawns, but they look so tricky and time-consuming! However, it turns out you can get pre-butterflied prawns from the supermarket, which makes life SO much easier!

I cooked them up following a DELICIOUS recipe and it was a total hit! Click here to try it out.

Photo / Babiche Martens

Laura's Pick: Fruit to your door

I have gotten on Nadia Lim’s Fresh Start bandwagon and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Especially after discovering you can get a whole fruit box packed full of perfect, tasty fruit.

And it's not too hard on the pocket either!