Sarah, Sam & Toni debate Paula Bennett's weight loss surgery decision

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Monday, 22 January 2018, 2:00PM

Over the weekend, National MP Paula Bennett revealed to New Zealand that she has undergone .

On her Facebook page, Paula revealed: "I had a gastric bypass and am at the beginning of what I plan to be a much healthier active life. After years of weight gain and loss, I can see a clear path ahead. I feel great, paid for it myself and ... as a woman who has battled with my weight all my adult life ... I wanted to be upfront with others who struggle, about the choice I made."

She also added that "haters can hate."

Sarah, Sam and Toni were divided over whether or not having a gastric bypass surgery was taking the easy way out or if it’s actually a good option for those who are overweight.

While Sam suggested that people should stick to putting in the hard work with diet and exercise, Toni commended Paula’s decision.

The crew also chatted with a caller who had had weight loss surgery themselves, and what they had to say about the procedure was eye-opening.

Listen to their discussion below:

Part 1

Part 2